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DJ Marc Antomattei

Marc Antomattei Productions (MAP)

Tokyo Knights ♛ 東京ナイツ

The Prince of Soulful House & The King of Smooth

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My Story

DJ Marc Antomattei, who is also sometimes credited as “DJ Antomattei of Tokyo” (born January 4, 1983) is a black Puerto Rican professional disc jockey of Italian and Native-American ancestry. He is both a musical connoisseur and an autodidact. He is known for playing many eclectic styles of music including house, hip-hop, soul, acid-jazz, disco, lounge, bossa nova, and salsa among others. The self-proclaimed “Miles Davis of DJs” got his start as a DJ while residing in Tokyo, Japan in late 2005. Antomattei credits DJs Tony Humphries, Masters At Work, and Dimitri From Paris as his influences.

Marc Antomattei himself comes from a family that has a rich history in Latin music. Marc is the nephew of Agustin “Augie" Antomattei, an exceptional salsa trumpeter who has performed with Latin greats such as Eddie Palmieri (2x Grammy Award-winning orchestra), Bobby Valentin, Cano Extremera, Jose Alberto, Pellin Rodrguez, and the Puerto Rico All Stars (a legendary salsa jazz band that was the Puerto Rico alternative to the acclaimed New York-based Fania All Stars). He is also a nephew of Victor "Cano" Gonzalez, another salsa trumpeter who has been performing with the world-famous El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico (2x Grammy winners) since 1980. Marc's grandfather's brother Candido Antomattei was one of two main vocalists in Arsenio Rodrguez's conjunto, a band that was part of the roots of Latin music genres such as mambo and salsa.

In 2006 Marc Antomattei befriended Mark Dwayne, a singer and magazine owner from Birmingham, England. The West Midlands-based magazine “Street Cred”, is the UK’s number 1 entertainment and lifestyle magazine in which Antomattei was occasionally featured at the time. In July 2008, Dwayne booked Antomattei in the UK’s second city of Birmingham to play an event on Boxing Day, December 26, 2008, at the Street Cred sponsored event “Funkaliscious”. The event took place at the now-defunct club Barracuda and had an attendance of over 1000 people. At the time it was the West Midlands' biggest monthly residency party.

In his resident city of Tokyo, Japan Antomattei has played at venues all across the Greater Tokyo Area including Shibuya, Harajuku, Roppongi, Aoyama, Shinjuku, Akasaka, Yokohama, Chiba, and the Shonan beach area. In the latter half of 2009, Antomattei branched out to the western part of Japan's mainland, where he played gigs in the city of Nagoya.

Antomattei still today is one of Tokyo's most active and important expatriate DJs. In the world's largest city where the city is over-saturated with dime-a-dozen DJs, Antomattei remains a prominent individual for cutting out a niche for himself and staying true to the music. In a monotonous sea where most DJs sound the same, Antomattei has branded himself with his unwavering commitment to not be a faceless DJ that only plays top 40 as so many do, but instead be a real DJ with his original sound that goes against the grain that can't be replicated.

You can find Antomattei playing today at his original club-branded events produced by MAP (Marc Antomattei Productions) and Tokyo Knights.

DJ Marc Antomattei (1983年1月4日生まれ)時には DJ Antomattei of Tokyoとも呼ばれる彼は、東京をベースに活躍するプロのアメリカ人ディスクジョッキーである。彼は音楽通でありまた独学者でもある。
またHouse, Hip-Hop, Soul, Jazz, Disco, Lounge, Bossa Nova, Salsaなどを含む、様々なジャンルの音楽を流す事でも知られている。自称 “DJ界のMiles Davis” がDJを始めたのは2005年終わり、日本に住んでいる間だった。DJ Tony Humphries, Masters At WorkとDimitri From Parisが彼に最も影響を与えたという。

Marc Antomatteiはラテン音楽に深い歴史を持つ家族から誕生した。Marcはサルサトランペット奏者のAgustin Antomatteiの甥にあたり、彼はEddie Palmieri (グラミー賞オーケストラ部門2回受賞)、Bobby Valentin, Cano Extremera, The Puerto Rico All Starsらのラテン界の偉人達と演奏をしたことで知られる。また違うサルサトランペット奏者のVictor “Cano” Gonzalezの甥でもあり、彼は世界的に有名なEl Gran Combo de Puerto Rico(グラミー賞2回受賞)と1980年より演奏していることで知られている。
Marcのおじいさんの弟 Candido Antomatteiは、キューバのオーケストラグループ Arsenio Rodriguez'sのメインボーカリスト2人のうちの1人であった。ラテン音楽のルーツである、マンボとサルサというジャンルに属するバンドである。

2006年Marc Antomatteiは、シンガーでありイギリスバーミンガムの雑誌社を所有するMark Dwayneと友人になる。雑誌 “Street Cred” はイギリスNo1のエンターテイメント・ライフスタイルマガジンであり、Antomatteiも当時、時折雑誌に掲載された。
2008年7月、DwayneはAntomatteiをイギリスの祝日12月26日 ”Boxing Day”のイベントにDJとして抜擢した。彼のStreet Cred Magazineがスポンサーをするイベント “Funkaliscious”は今は閉店してしまったクラブ Barracudaで行われた。1000人以上の客が来場し、当時バーミンガムで一番大きな毎月恒例イベントであった。


Marc Antomatteiは現在も東京で最も活動する重要な外国人DJである。多くのDJが繰り返し流すTop 40ではなく、上質の音楽を流すという、自ら作り上げた独自の個性を存続する貴重なDJである。彼のオリジナルサウンドは他に真似ができない音であると言えるだろう。

Antomatteiのプレイは、元々彼が作り上げたイベントであり、現在はTokyo KnightsやMAP(Marc Antomattei Productions)プロデュースのクラブイベントで聞くことができる

Selected DJ Eventography

2008.3.19 MyDJSpace Sessions Japan @ The Room, Shibuya, Tokyo
2008.12.20 Bounen-Kai Christmas 2008 @ Cafe Liberte, Harajuku, Tokyo
2009.8.1 Latin Tropical Nite @ Sam & Dave Akasaka, Akasaka-Mitsuke, Tokyo
2009.12.12 Bounen-Kai Christmas 2009 @ Cafe Liberte, Harajuku, Tokyo
2010.2.5 Black History Month Tokyo "Tribute to Black Dance" @ Fiat Space, Aoyama, Tokyo
2010.7.3 American Dream @ 57 Fifty Seven, Roppongi, Tokyo
2010.7.9 Funkaliscious 2010 World Cup Party @ Fiat Space, Aoyama, Tokyo
2010.7.31 Summer Party 2010 @ Cafe Liberte, Harajuku, Tokyo
2011.1.29 Brazilian Night @ BierVana, Akasaka-Mitsuke, Tokyo
2011.2.4 Black History Month Tokyo "Kick-Off Party" @ Cohiba Atmosphere, Nishi-Azabu, Tokyo
2011.8.20 Beautiful South Opening Party [Photo Exhibition] @ Claska Hotel, Meguro, Tokyo
2011.8.26 U.T.M Productions Presents... Grown & Sexy Friday Night @ 57 Fifty Seven, Roppongi, Tokyo
2011.12.10 Velvet no.9 @ Velours, Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo
2011.12.17 Tokyo Knights 東京ナイツ "Official Launch Party" @ Tomodachi Lounge, Roppongi, Tokyo
2012.2.18 Black History Month Tokyo "Free Your Mind Vol.4" @ Sea Treasures Cafe, Roppongi, Tokyo
2012.3.31 Tokyo Knights 東京ナイツ "White Party" @ Good Life Lounge, Kita-Sando, Tokyo
2012.5.5 "Bond Night" Celebrating 50 Years of James Bond @ Velours, Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo
2012.8.5 Tokyo Knights 東京ナイツ "Big Beach Party" @ Karada, Enoshima Beach, Kanagawa, Japan
2012.8.11 "Retro UK" Featuring UK Dance Legend Graham Gold @ Amate-Raxi, Shibuya, Tokyo
2012.8.24 Futuresound. TV 1st Anniversary Party @ Le G.A, Roppongi, Tokyo
2012.10.28 Tokyo Knights 東京ナイツ "Halloween Hell" @ Tomodachi Lounge, Roppongi, Tokyo
2012.12.30 End of the Year Party @ Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo
2013.2.22 Tokyo Knights 東京ナイツ Valentine's After Party @ Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo
2013.2.24 Black History Month Tokyo 2013: Free Your Mind 2013 @ El Cafe Latino, Roppongi, Tokyo
2014.2.23 Black History Month Tokyo 2014: Free Your Mind Vol. 6 @ Las Chicas, Omotesando, Tokyo
2015.2.13 Reggae-Jazz LIVE in Celebration of Black History Month Tokyo 2015 @ CAY, Omotesando, Tokyo
2015.3.28 Spring Kick-off Hanami Party in Yoyogi Park @ Yoyogi Park, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
2016.7.4 Soul Kitchen @ Contact, Shibuya, Tokyo
2016.8.13 House Fusion: Summer Vibes #2 @ Ruby Room, Shibuya, Tokyo
2017.7.1 Soul Kitchen Vol. 2 @ White Space Lab, Shibuya, Tokyo
2018 "Soulful Beer Garden" (5-Month Residency) @ ANA Crowne Plaza Osaka

2019.10.26 Soul Kitchen in Chiba @ Apollo, Inage, Chiba

2020.3.1 Speakeasy TYO @ Sasazuka Bowl, Shibuya

2020.10.10 Memphis 6th Anniversary Thanks Fair! @ Apollo, Inage, Chiba

2020.12.13 Apollo 2nd Anniversary Thanks Fair! @ Apollo, Inage, Chiba


For bookings contact:

(+81) 080-7960-0070

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