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"I make the impossible possible."

Marc Antomattei

Marc Antomattei

In a world of eight billion people, there is only one Marc Antomattei.

The Godfather of Tokyo, renaissance man & debonair who has been calling Tokyo, Japan, his home for the past twenty years is the self-proclaimed new Gordon Parks, making no apologies about it. The American ex-pat and Tokyo's hardest-working man dabbles in all forms of media and self-expression.


Authorship, poet, publisher, graphic designer, photographer, bartender, DJ, and businessman. What is it this jack of all trades and master of many can't do?


"You're here because you need me to do a service for you. What do you need me to do?"   Marc Antomattei

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Japan 080-7960-0070

USA & Int'l +1 757-447-4978

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